Course Transformations focused on Equity & Inclusion

As a learning community based at a public-sector university, dB-SERC is firmly committed to equity in educational opportunities and inclusion of members of traditionally-underrepresented groups. Much of our work, in fact, is centered around this theme.

Kevin Binning, psychology

Developing and testing a classroom-based social-belonging intervention to address the effects of stereotype threat on female physics students

  • This proposal focused on designing, implementing and evaluating a social-belonging intervention to improve female students’ sense-of-belonging and intelligence mindset in calculus-based introductory physics.

Nancy Kaufmann, biological sciences

Repeating students in BIOSC 0150

  • This proposal focused on interventions to improve learning of students who repeat introductory biology.

Russell Clark, Physics and Astronomy

Development of a TA Training Program for Introductory Physics Labs

  • This proposal focuses on improving TA training in introductory physics labs. One major goal of the TA training is to make these labs inclusive so that all students develop an identity as a scientist and get an opportunity to practice different aspects of experimentation including tinkering with the apparatus.