Scaffolded Writing and Reviewing in the Discipline (SWoRD)

  • Dr. Chris Schunn, a faculty member in the Department of Psychology and researcher at the Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) has helped develop SWoRD, a web-based reciprocal peer review system which facilitates providing quality feedback for students in large classes in which writing is critical, but difficult to include (because of resource constraints, time etc.) The SWoRD system has been used by over 27,000 users around the world from ten countries.
  • This peer-review system is free to use by any instructor at Pitt, and many instructors who teach writing-intensive classes have been using it.
  • You can see Dr. Schunn discussing the SWoRD system during the Pitt Senate Plenary on April 3, 2014 which can be accessed here (follow link provided on the webpage, right before the first speaker, Chandralekha Singh. You can use your pitt username and password to gain access to the video).
  • SWoRD webpage
  • Recently SWoRD has been bought by Panther Learning and is now known as Peerceptiv. See the Peerceptiv homepage for more information.