What We Do

dB-SERC Weekly Lunch Discussion

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Weekly Lunch Discussions

At these seminar style gatherings, issues related to teaching and learning are discussed. ​View more information about the papers discussed, discussion leaders, and short summaries of the discussions.

Course Transformation and Mentor Mentee Support

Faculty who are in the process of implementing an evidence-based educational strategy focused on improving student learning, can be supported through consultations, monetary awards, and periodic meetings organized by dB-SERC.

Travel Support

Awards of up to $1,000 for faculty members interested in traveling to another university or to an education conference to take a workshop focused on an innovative instructional strategy. 

Professional Development Workshops

dB-SERC conducts workshops for both veteran and new faculty and teaching assistants with a mission to help a wider audience of faculty and graduate students learn about effective approaches to teaching.

Faculty Learning Communities

​Award to a group of faculty in a department to set up regular lunch meetings and discuss teaching related issues

Interdisciplinary Education

Strives to bring together faculty from different departments who are interested in creating new courses or transforming existing courses to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of current science research

If you have an idea for such a course and would like to be connected to faculty members from a different department, send an email to dbserc@pitt.edu

Support with Grant Proposals

Support to faculty who are interested in writing grant proposals which include a significant educational component.

If you are working on such a proposal and would like consultation on, contact Emily Marshman.

Connecting Pitt faculty with K-12 educators and students

dB-SERC can help connect faculty members at Pitt who are interested in K-12 education with teachers. For example, faculty members may be interested in:

  • ​Working with students
  • Giving talks about science research being done at Pitt
  • Working with K-12 educators to develop teaching modules
  • Engage in outreach